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Loved the animation, it was pretty funny and I loved megaman as a kid. Just a couple of problems I noticed:
1. Larry's arm is constantly clipping through the fence during the first half of the animation.
2. In the end when Cutman is chasing Larry with the lawn mower, larry's hips are never really engaged while running, which, including fat people, is painful to try to do. seriously get up and try to run by only moving your legs and no hip rotation.
3. Cutman's dialogue gets a little gratey on the ears sometimes.

Overall its a good animation, cute style and not too bad of audio.

Esquirebob responds:

Great notes! There's certainly a lot I've learned from doing this animation, so crit like this makes every future animation even better! :)

Its a great animation, I love the art style and light hearted feel, but there's just one thing bugging me about the whole animation.

I feel as if you could speed everything in the animation up by 50%+ and have it come out for the better. Almost the entire animation is very slow motion and swimmy. Good job though.

I've been watching your stuff since the first angry dog debuted on newgrounds, every time you realeased something I got excited and showed it off to my friends and we all had a good laugh. Besides Bwankers and Pleasure Island 3, I haven't found any of your work to be as good as it used to be. It's all short and poorly written. I've been hopeful that it would take a turn back for the better, but this, this is just horrible. The voices are just annoying, the characters are poorly developed, the jokes are mediocre. Nothing about this was good. Until they actually said his name I didn't know famine was supposed to be famine and there's only 4 people and 4 horsemen. You probably don't read reviews because you're so popular, but, just no that among all these kids kissing ass and voting 5's there's those of us who you have sorely disappointed. Of course, I'll always check for those goodies, just know that many of your fans are hurt by the lack of thoughtfulness in your new stuff.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i read all reviews!

i want to try a lot of new stuff this year - new characters, new styles, new humour. i don't want to do the same thing over and again. inevitably some people will prefer older stuff. i think the extremely emotional language you have used is overkill for what you are describing.

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I give a 2 for the fact that you did SOMETHING

This is simply Super Soviet Missile Master with a shoe. You changed not hing but the shoe, and gave the game a menu. The shoe change earned you a two, and thats all you'll get, I'm sorry.

Great game but...

Anyway. Yea its a good time waster game if your bored. I liked it.

Awesome Game. One glittch.

I Would have given you a 10/10 except for one tiny glitch. Sometimes on hardcore mode, the game doesn't spawn any glooples. You just have to blow yourself up with a grenade to get out. but no glooples ever come. 9/10 because of that glitch. It ruined my fun >< Great game tho.

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I've been perusing the music portal again lately and I can't say I regret it, first newgrounds song I've donwloaded in years.

Only thing I don't like that much is the slowed down drum that hits every now and then.

Lapse responds:

I'm honored, thanks.

Awesome song, it's pretty beautiful

The only issues i had with song were that the echoes of the piano would clash with the next chord of the piano, and then you drowned it out, but the piano was important.

Pezmobile responds:

I guess ur right about the crash with the piano.

thanks for reviewing anyway


Is there a random button?

If so, you mashed the hell out of it. The beats sounded random, none of them fit together, and you cut off parts randomly. The volume on the bass trashed the pad. Please at least listen to your song before you submit it.

DJclimax responds:

if you read my author comments then you'd notice that i did listen to it and i decided it would be fun to submit a shit song. personally i think 3 is too high of a score

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Commenter below is an idiot...

Its an okay comic strip, not too much going on, but I can't believe ciliath didn't get that... its not even highbrow comedy or anything... I would like it if your strips had a bit more going on in them art wise.

Torogoz responds:

Thank you, Actually the reason why they sometimes appear not to have too much going on is because until now i had been doing it all in illustrator, i am shifting the art to a new direction with the next batch that will allow me to do more with each panel.

A soon-to-be art student just trying to get some practice, ya' know?

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